Act 2. Business, Career and Mid-Life Coaching

Business Coaching
Call Bev @ 314-477-6800 to
arrange a complimentary
45 minute coaching session.
    Are you feeling stuck and stalled in your business and lack the energy to push forward? Get to the root of the problem and re-discover the SPARK. You'll re-gain the drive you want and need to get your business and yourself to the next level.

As a business professional, you may be . . .
  • working hard but not getting the results you want
  • unsure about whether you want to be in business for yourself or return to the corporate world
  • losing focus and direction about what you like about your work
  • reaching for a Big Goal you want to achieve - and looking for the right coach to help you get there
  • in a business environment that isn't the best for you and you don't know how to change it
Working together, we can help you . . .
  • gain clarity about what you want
  • re-charge and re-energize your personal SPARK, giving you the energy you need to move forward
  • identify new and different ways to think about reaching your goals
  • recognize and revamp some beliefs and habits which may not be serving you well
Contact Bev for a complimentary 45 minutes coaching session.

Client Testimonials

"A friend of mine referred me to Bev when I was at a crossroads in my career—trying to figure out if I wanted to pursue work in a company vs. being out on my own. I met with Bev having very specific goals, updating my resume and LinkedIn profile; what I got helped me get clear on my goals determining what I wanted to accomplish. She helped me understand where I stopped myself and how to focus on what's important to me and my career moving forward. Ultimately I made the correct decision, Bev helped me move that process forward faster with a clear path."

January, 2016, David H. was Bev's client

"Bev is an incredibly focused and clear coach and facilitator. We both train managers as coaches, and I have never seen as good a course delivered on this topic as the one Bev delivers within organizations. Bev really helps managers get on the "coaching landscape" in a way that they can really appreciate this skill set and how important it is in developing others and their team. She is very clear about core competencies in coaching since she has them "in her bones" herself. She helps managers begin to assimilate some of these essential tools and apply them in their important work with others. I would not hesitate in recommending Bev."

December 9, 2009, Tom worked directly with Bev at Sensa Solutions
(now a part of Korn/Ferry International)