Click in the field. It also provides patient ID numbers, indicates the report type, gives the date of each test, and provides other useful information. The IQmark Diagnostic Workstation will automatically start, bringing up the retrieved report displayed in the Report Review screen. If you have installed the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation on the computer designated as the central database, then the database folders and files are already set up. The installation program adds three IQmark shortcuts to your Windows desktop: You must select I accept … to proceed with the installation.

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Select the model of the scale from the combo box. However, if you want to set the default database back to the Local database or vice versa, follow these steps: The Show Reports area enables iqkark operator to select one or more of the following reports for display: Select Show Today to display only those reports prepared on the date currently displayed by the computer calendar.

Midmark 10 Lead IQMARK ECG Cable

You can amend the list by typing a new condition in the Add New Statement box and then clicking the Add New button. All other computers that need access to this central database must be set to the Network database on the IQmark Configuration application. On the next screen, click Install to continue.


If fcg have not uninstalled the previous version of Workstation, you will be prompted to do so.

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To edit a number, highlight the appropriate line and click the Edit button. The name of the software application you install on your Windows based computer in order to use IQmark instruments. You may also archive the reports you want to send and enclose them as attachments to your message using any email application of your choice.

If the program was previously installed, the PDA screen will display the following message: Client computers running WindowsXP or Vista. The tone pattern is a low frequency tone followed by a high frequency tone. Warranty All Midmark Diagnostics Group Products are warranted free from manufacturing and material defects for 12 months from the date of purchase.

This report shows the most recent information entered for the patient including: Any misuse or abuse of the product voids all warranties. Send one or more selected reports by Email. Edit — Use this feature to edit an existing statement.

Microsoft SQL Server installed on the server. Close all Windows programs before running this software installation.

Your thoughts, questions and comments about our product and direction are welcomed. Select Show All to display dates from the earliest report to the current date. This configuration is appropriate when using nonWindows thin client devices on low latency high-speed networks. The [test] report dated [test date] for [patient name] is in use by [network computer name] Message appears when trying to open a specific test report. Clears information from the previous patient if applicable and prepares the screen for entry of information for a new patient.


Once the installation program is initiated, it should not be interrupted until completed. Along with the application program, a configuration program is installed that enables you to individualize the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation for your operation. The next message ect the computer refers to Holter users. For example, if you want to display the Medications tab, you will Click on the tab name. Lists that you can customize include: At each computer, set up the network data source for the central database.

This setting is ignored when the software is not running in a thin client environment.

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To save changes, click Apply then click OK. When you select Yes on the previous screen, the following screen will appear.

Clicking the button activates a pop-up dialog box, which is described below. When you install or ismark these modalities, the local or network database for the IQmark Diagnostic Workstation is automatically installed or upgraded accordingly.