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Mid-Life Coaching
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    When we reach mid-life, many of us want to re-discover who we are so we can make a plan for the second half of our lives. With mid-life coaching you'll discover more about who you are; you'll know what you want to do next and be confident that you are spending your time, energy and talent in a meaningful way.

Mid-life coaching can provide direction and energy when you . . .
  • are still working but starting to think about retirement—and not sure what it will look like
  • have your own business and thinking about retirement has you wondering who you will "be" without your business (which can be a bit scary)
  • are retired—and you are "busy" but not feeling as if life is truly satisfying or personally rewarding
Our in-depth six-week mid-life workshop helps you explore, learn and embrace how your life experience so far has provided insight and direction and can point you in the direction of new possibilities . . .
  • Know your beliefs and how they affect your life choices—in the past and going forward

  • Identify your values and see how they help you define what's next for you
  • Recall your career and life sweet spots and skills and how they point to the future
  • Recognize what drains energy from you, how to get rid of the energy drainers and what positive results that will bring
  • You'll have a deep understanding of what drives you and how you can harness that energy into plans for the future
  • Explore those long forgotten (and maybe never expressed) dreams and how they might show up for you now
  • Develop next steps and a clear path forward
Mid-Life Coaching is personalized just for you. Are you ready to jump in with both feet and discover what's next for you? Discover the energy and excitement for the next phase of your life with clarity and a solid sense of direction.

Contact Bev for a complimentary 45 minutes coaching session.

Client Testimonials

"I found Bev during a time when I felt a little burned out and down. She was the perfect tonic for what ailed me! She gave me exercises and guided me through conversations that were extremely meaningful and ultimately restorative on a personal and professional level. The insights I gained from that work re-invigorated my work and gave me a clarity about my "Act 2" that had been lacking. And, she is fun to work with! Can't recommend her enough."

June, 2015, Betsy B. was Bev's client.

"Bev provided me with executive coaching services while I was at Provident. I also hired her privately for Act 2 (mid-life coaching). She was creative, firm and consistent in her approach. As she knew me better, she would call me when she saw me slip into nonproductive behaviors or approaches. She provided me with a confidential sounding board every week for pending decisions, knotty issues, strategies and planning. I highly recommend Bev's executive coaching services!"

December 25, 2009, Kathleen B. was Bev's client