Act 2. Business, Career and Mid-Life Coaching

Find Your Spark
"SPARK" is an acronym for my coaching process which takes you from where you are to where you want to be.

Self-Knowledge. A fundamental step in the coaching process, yet most people don't take enough time to get to know themselves. I call it being "self-full" vs. selfish. No one else is going to suffer if you get to know yourself better. And getting to know yourself better will bring insight, ideas and new perspectives.

Plan of Action. We all need one and it needs to be specific, measurable, time-trackable, and realistic. Your Plan of Action will pull you forward and lead you down a path which is exciting and powerful for you.

Accountability Partner. This partner could be a friend, colleague or a coach (but not a family member). It's the person who will listen, offer insights, ask questions and above all be your support system. And you must be willing to hear what your Accountability Partner offers.

Re-assess. Life is a journey and sometimes the journey takes us to unexpected places. That doesn't mean you shouldn't go there but it might mean at times that it's time to step back and re-examine your plan. Perhaps you need to pivot to a different direction.

Keep the faith. Life can also have its own timetable - just as you do. But sometimes the timetables don't line up. The more steps you take on the journey, which may include previously unknown territory, the closer you will get to your goal.