Lights when a message is received into memory with Confidential Reception or The e-mail sent by this machine can be received by another Internet Fax ma- chine. When you select or specify an item on the display panel, it is highlighted like this: Station Proceed to step C when mes- sages are transferred by e-mail. Correct option settings in the printer driver. Yel- to Right or Top to Bottom. This symbol indicates a potentially hazardous situation that might result in death or serious injury when you misuse the machine without following the in- structions under this symbol.

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3322 and copy orientation You can select the orientation. Using the Document Server Accessing the Document Server The Document Server enables you afficio store documents on the machine’s hard disk, allowing you to edit and print as and when you want.

For safety, please follow the instructions and handle the machine as indicated. Keep any record of your password in a secure place. C Enter the new user name, and then press [OK]. If a scan area is may be damaged.


Ricoh DSc332 Operating Instructions Manual

ADF, and check if the machine com- does not turn off when municating with a computer. Set [Spool Printing] to [En- able].

Reference Related default settings: The received image varies according to e-mail software. Types of Duplex Copies 1-sided 2 Pages 2-sided 1 Page see p. Page – Configuring the network interface board Registering a Protection Code Registering a Protection Code E E E E You can stop sender’s names or fold- Press the user destination key ers being accessed by setting a protec- you want to register or enter the tion code. Copies 2 one-sided pages onto a two-sided page.

Adjusts display panel brightness. Remove the empty refill button, and then pull cartridge, and then pull in the direction of the 2. Registering a Protection Code Place these originals on the exposure glass in- stead. Disabled functions are displayed in gray. Copies can be assembled with each Note page shifted. Selecting from programmed subjects, or enter- ing characters directly.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. If other messages appear, follow the instructions displayed.

If the fax sion mode on the display. Copying When the machine continues Interrupt Copy copying Use this function to interrupt a long A Place the originals you want to copy job aficil make urgently needed copy.


Specifying programmed sizes A Press [Area 1] or [Area 2]. After selecting the paper tray, you can also specify the display timing and copy method for two-sided copying. Correct the printer driver’s option settings. Remove the misfed direction of the arrow, dscc of the arrow. You can also store the colour balance Reference fsc in memory and recall it when For types and examples of the im- you want to use it.

B Press [Change] under User Name.

DSc/DSc/DSc download page

You should delete unnecessary stored files once in a while so as not to exceed the capacity of the hard disk. F F F F Place the originals, and then press p.

Exposure glass cover 1 Tray paper unit Lower this cover over originals before For details, see p.