There are some interesting facts here. If drivers installed properly – allows any local user to burn without Admin’s rights. Mark why won’t my laptop work? Click Add Folder toolbar button , or press Insert key, to add a single folder to a collection using the standard Browse for Folder dialog. Probably not a conspiracy theory, anyways.

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If it’s an exclusive access handle What cabnot burning related tools have you got installed? The connection timed out and I had to try again, which re-sent the message.

I suspect it was something in that which changed or toggled a setting and now everyone but me is locked out of the burner for ingburn, nero, dvdfab, etc Friday, June 8, Thanks ever so much for your help.

If anyone has any idea please let me know. This is a huge problem, since my wife and other people in the house can not access the “Owner” account.

DVD Burner and SPTI issues in XP Home Edition SP3

Posted May 13, They all seem to work under the “Owner” account that has admin privileges, but I have no interest in using that account all the time. Using the site is easy and fun.


Backup, Imaging, Disk Management Forum. Choose a Target, or burning device and transport: I logged into canbot “Owner” admin account and sure enough, it works fine, sees the drive and burned fine. Requires special drivers to be installed and machine reboot is needed. It claimed “Errors were encountered when trying to access the drivem” that it will “Not be visable to the program, and that “You need Administrative privileges to use SPTI.

A little research tells me this sometimes is an indication of a worm. Specify files and folders to be burned.

[Burrrn] ERROR: Cannot setup device SPTILOCK:1,0,0.

They also provide an easy way to match the devices to the volume names i. Ignored if media not RW. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Maybe there’s one installed that’s always running and it’s taking control of the drive from an early stage.

DVD Burner and SPTI issues in XP Home Edition SP3 – Windows XP Home and Professional

I suggest creating lowd new user account without admin privileges and see if it has the same issues your other limited accounts have.


To cancel data burning you can click the Cancel button. In the meantime I was able to confirm your explanation using a bus analyzer Javascript Laod Detected You currently have javascript disabled. This happen only on Vista, and the same code has no problem under XP. It wasn’t an issue until I chose to “update” the drive. Killeen, TX Local time: I guess my next step is checking for malware.

Posted May 10, First, you are opening a handle to the volume not the device by opening the drive letter. Use context menu over File Tree area to execute the same commands. Nero burned stpi too, as did all the other programs.

That second filter was a surprise. The firmware itself did actually improve write speed, like they said it would.