But the questions are about large-format film scanning. Kumar, oXYgen scan, is it the Kodak scanning software? We found the Scitex EverSmart scanners to offer the widest range of options. The oXYgen Dot Solution pdf covers this software in greater detail. This upgrade will support OSX May 03, , Single bulb used for either transparent or reflective use.

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For more information on wide format scanners you can contact: Far better resources are the Scan Hi-End group on yahoo and the Large Format Photography forum, which has many pro scanner users. Later versions of oXYgen also contain many new features to help you improve your scanning results. Here you will also find a very useful maintenance manual explaining how to clean the silver mirror inside the eversmarh.

Please login or register. And if you have 4×5 chromes then you can create billboard-sized images.

Scitex Eversmart Pro | Flickr

The more you tell about what business you will use wide format or professional scanner for, the easier it is for us to pinpoint which scanner and which wide format printer are best.

Scitex EverSmart flatbed scanners are also sold by Ilford Imaging. And the scanning software, The software itself is more difficult to find. Your older oXYgen version might appear to work ok, but over time you will experience crashes, intermittent faults, damaged scans and other problems. Copyright – CPS Limited.


But evresmart questions are about large-format film scanning. March 24, Developed by Creo, the oXYgen Dot and oXYgen Dot Toolkit software utilise advanced algorithms from the premium Creo Renaissance scanning system to achieve crisp, perfect, high quality results.

Did you miss your activation email? I have a Scitex Eversmart Pro 2 scanner laying around unused here at work and would like to get it up and running.

Review on Scitex EverSmart Scanners.

We found the Scitex EverSmart scanners to offer the widest range of options. The Scitex EverSmart is one of the few flatbed scanners that is powerful enough to scan 35mm slides. I’ll check out the other forums. This upgrade evesrmart support OSX A spare standard base glass is included with each Oil Mounting Station package that is uncoated.

The manuals in english can be found on the high-end scanner group on Yahoo in the files section. CPS has a range of versions in stock: It is always advisable to ensure that you are using the correct level of oXYgen software when you upgrade the operating software on your Mac.


First, start with a good image, not only a winning subject, but a picture taken with a professional camera or scanned on a professional scanner.

Do I need to search for an old G3 or G4 to use it? I checked the compatibility list for VueScan but could not see the scanner listed. Answering your questions is part of our public education program. How to insure that your wide format print will be museum-exhibit quality?

This highly advanced software tool can also be used for digital descreening, and everrsmart descreening of printed material. The scanner is now in my possession and I’m back on getting it to work. Finding the correct bulbs would be a future issue, because Kodak had discontinued the Eversmart line as of Dec. With the Toolkit System you can drop films anywhere on the scanning bed without being concerned about location or registration. I kind of knew Kodak had acquired Scitex through Creo.

I have to check on the software version that was last made for this scanner, as Version 2.