By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. External charging or replacement of the batteries will be necessary. In thiscase the UPS must be informed about the new total battery capacity to allow a reliable recalculation of theavailable runtime please contact your dealer. The LEDs ‘on’ and ‘on battery’ 13, fig. Status and Alarm Indications status indications low priority alarms high priority alarms the operating mode abnormal operating situations situations in which the actual output voltage of the UPS is no longer guaranteed; immediate action should be taken 8 9 10 fig. Enter text from picture: Replace battery Either the batteries are almost chemically worn out or the battery wiring, including the battery fuse, is faulty.

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If only yellow LEDs illuminate the red LED is off during load indication, bypass operation is caused by overtemperature.

GE 600 – 1500 VA User Manual

Use a screwdriveras a lever. All maintenance and service work, including replacement of the batteries, should be performed by qualified service personnel.

Charger off at end of charge Only charging when necessary, increases battery lifetime.

Reinstall the front panel. If keypad ‘I’ is momentarily pressed, the 4 yellow LEDs function during 3 seconds as a load indication. As a result poor charging of the batteries under low temperature conditions and overcharging of the batteries under high temperature conditions are dibital. Press keypad ‘I’ until the buzzer sounds.


Bypass operation is inhibited: It is not allowed to connect an external charger to the UPS! Subsequently check the thermal circuit breaker: The applianceoutlets may be electrically live, even when the UPS is disconnected from the mains. This manual also for: Overdischarging would result in shortened service life and failure to recover normal capacity. The appliance outlets may be electrically live, even when the UPS is disconnected from the mains.

Remove clamp two screws and replace thebatteries. LED does not blink anymore Store the new settings and leave the setup mode by pressing ‘O’ and ‘I’ simultaneously. If any damage is present please immediately notify the carrier and place of purchase. If the batteries are aged, they must be replaced as soon as possible to ensure full protection for your equipment see 6. The programmed sleep time however is lost. No liability can be accepted for any transport damage when the equipment is shipped in nonoriginal packaging.

Open the fuse holder of the battery pack 8, fig.

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Dependent of the charge condition of the new batteries the new runtime calculations may temporarily be unreliable. Be sure that the new frequency is suitable for the connected equipment! The unit will automatically turn on again when mains digiital is restored. Overload The demanded power exceeds the normal capacity of the UPS. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. In this way maximum battery capacity is obtained without overdischarging.


GE – VA User Manual | 14 pages

If a quick battery test shows that the batteries are close to being worn out, a ‘replace battery’ alarm will be generated see 3. Please note that with completely discharged batteries the UPS will not start at all. If you use a distribution box to connect more than one appliance per outlet, please note that the maximum AC-current rating of each appliance outlet is 10A. The ambient temperature should not exceed 40″C. The UPS must be powered from a single phase grounded wall outlet.

It is cigital to use the UPS without first charging the battery, but the runtime may be reduced. In this way unnecessary discharging of the batteries is avoided. Table Of Contents 6.

Remove the transport screws A, fig.