Performance Comparison Given the inherent compromises made by Leatherman in optimizing the locking pliers, the overall score of the Crunch isn’t exceptionally notable. The SOG has better-built accessory tools, while the Crunch has more rugged pliers. Remove this ad and much more by logging in. The Best Buy Leatherman Wave has a feature set remarkably similar to the Charge at about half the price and therefore below the price of the Charge. REI is particularly egregious about that, because what they keep in stock is based on market appeal rather than true usefulness. The locking pliers, as detailed extensively above, are truly more useful than the pliers on any other tool we investigated.

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A phillips screwdriver bit in place in the driver. The “off” amount and percentage git signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay.

Only two tools we tested are more expensive than the Crunch. I’m very happy with their products quality bitt maybe bit set with their small ratchet would be good choice? One thing I am glad to see is that the lock adjustment knob does not interfere with use of the knife. For shop, tool-box, expedition, and automotive use, you cannot do better than the Crunch.

Please login or register. Got a new Crunch a few weeks ago and it’s a beautiful tool. Bit holder was modified to fit in the Surge’s driver.


Leatherman Crunch K Multi Tool With Nylon Sheath Removable Bit Driver | eBay

This was just last year, so I am sure it is still available. I have found the locking pliers to be surprisingly useful.

Not interested in overkill, just the basics. When equipment fails deep in the wild, having good tools is crucial. The Leatherman Crunch with included leather sheath. This makes for faster and smoother access to these functions. If, however, like many users, this doesn’t matter not that it shouldn’t matter… virtually all plier tasks are better done with lockers to you, the additional cost and limited everyday carry utility will not be worth it.

We are thankful for the locking aspect of the non-pliers tools and, once set up, the bit driver is handy, and one can generate more than enough leverage. This is a craftsman’s tool. Nice product Very good quality Verified purchase: Given the inherent compromises made by Leatherman in optimizing the locking pliers, the overall score of the Crunch isn’t exceptionally notable.

It’s very light in weight, slim in size, and so far has had every bit I’ve needed over the last several months. The knife is obviously not the centerpiece of the multi-tool, but even so the serrations allow it to make quick work of many cutting tasks that a user may encounter.

Not too much stuff, and I love the locking function of the pliers. Additionally, each of these tools adds scissors. In addition to everyday use, I think it would be an excellent addition to a small car or bike toolkit for quick impromptu repairs.


Only by accepting that fact can we transcend it. The locking pliers of the Crunch as compared to dedicated locking pliers are equal. The primary refinements have come in ergonomics. It has hard-working features in a rugged package. The Crunch tested and featured in this review was purchased at its full retail price from Amazon. Now, the other tools on the Crunch are less effective than those on competitors, but the pliers remain class-leading.

You may also like. Remove this ad and much more by logging in. The same hole normally houses the pliers git screw, shown here removed.

Leatherman Crunch 68010201K Multi Tool With Nylon Sheath Removable Bit Driver

What bit kit should I order to go with it? The blades are not too stiff or too loose, while the handles and jaws are manipulated with ease. When loose in your pocket, the rougher edges of the metal construction will cause accelerated wear to your clothing.