Competitive products have limited cabling testing functionality and are unable to perform certification. Click here for more details on Fiber SmartProbe adapters. Call for this item price. Test results can be saved to produce professional-quality graphical reports, which can be printed or viewed online. Detailed network test reports via the web interface and the included ScopeData Pro software produces graphical cable test reports. Professional Quality Graphic Reports As the complexity of cable testing standards increases, it becomes more challenging to clearly present test result data.

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Major cabling manufacturers in the industry have endorsed the superior measurement performance of WireScope All settings can be defined on a PC and downloaded in a single operation, speeding the process of configuring multiple WireScope sets for the same job site testing requirements Click here to view image. The FrameScope rapidly discovers and displays all devices in a switched network, giving support wiescope instant visibility into the IP and IPX devices on different subnets, along with their MAC addresses, Network addresses, and names.

Careers 1- sales fiberoptic. No replacement found for this product. Test profiles can be created within ScopeData Pro or pre-defined profiles for popular warranty programs can be downloaded.

Competitive products have limited cabling testing functionality and are unable to perform certification. This automatic and dynamic compensation assures superior repeatability and accuracy with continuous usage of the instrument.


Click here to view the report image. Remote control through a web browser allows wirescoope from location wirescops the network. Click here to view image. Any liability for consequential or incidental damages is expressly disclaimed. Agilent is no longer manufacturing N2600a. Offering outstanding test performance, ease of use and graphic reporting, the WireScope is the ultimate tool for LAN and cabling professionals. Its unmatched hardware accuracy is further augmented by state-of-the-art software algorithms including a novel patent pending Enhanced Auto Cancellation Technology to automatically cancel the interface and adapter effects from the test results.

Superior Measurement Performance WireScope is based on frequency domain testing, the same principle used wiresope the world’s most accurate Network Analyzers.

This product has been discontinued by Keysight on July 31,and it is no longer available. To minimize accuracy problems, the WireScope uses “SmartProbe” test adapters that contain their own configuration data and a counter that logs the number of tests they have been used for.

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Remote control for remote office support or historical data collection Network managers and senior technicians can assist on-site personnel directly wriescope the central office using the FrameScope ‘s web-based remote control capability. Downloadable Test Profiles In order to further speed the setup process, the user can load a test profile, which defines all limit, cabling and tester settings.

Enter verification code from the above image. Test profiles can optionally be locked so that while loaded in the WireScopeno settings can be changed.


N2600A-100 WireScope 350 / Dual Remote 350 Kit

We are committed to win your business! Given the significant improvement in the quality and consistency of category 6 connecting hardware, it may no longer be necessary to purchase manufacturer-specific link test cords to match the connecting hardware in the channel under test. Submit the following request and expect our detailed quote within n2600w hours!

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N2600A WireScope 350 Professional Test Kit

Perform Category 6 and Fiber Optic Cable testing to certify physical cabling infrastructure Installation technicians can fully test and wirescole to TIA and international cabling and networking standards. Have questions or doubts? Extensive Fault Diagnostics Clear fault schematics simplify diagnosis of failing cabling runs at the job site.

Readily available Compact Flash card readers and adapters allow data to be uploaded directly to either laptop or desktop PCs. Enable JavaScript to view product images.

Test results are stored in the same database with copper tests and can be integrated into the same reports. Call for this item price.